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Xceed Charger C6 Compact

Part Nr.: #107106

Xceed Charger C6 Compact Compact Charger for LIPO, LIFE, PB and NIMH batteries. -Input voltage: DC 11V- 18V -Charge current: 0.1 - 5A, 0.1A step -Discharge current: 0.1 - 1A, 0.1A step -Max charging power: 50W -Max discharging power: 5W -Nicd/NiMH cells: 1 - 15 cell -LiIon/LiPO/LiFe Cell: 1 - 6 cell -cable -set included -manual included

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Xceed C1-charger - DISCONTINUED

Part Nr.: #107101

Xceed Charger C1 #107101 High end charger for the demanding electric car / gascar racer. Excellent charging and dis-charging capacity. Includes Lipo-balancer. Strong alu case with green / black anodizing, based on 4 runner posts. Large display, easy to use program with nice coverered buttons. Available late april 2009.

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