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> Xceed ZX-21 5P DS4 EM buggy Powerpack

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Part Nr.: #201418
Category: Engines > Engine .21 buggy

Xceed ZX-21 OFR 5P DS4 EM Improved liner-fit, the liner is seated a little higher in the crankcase, creating an even better alignment with the ports. Large, light cooling-head. New graphics on the coolinghead. EM = Eduardo Modified version with black-case, improved lighter crankshaft with silicone, hand-selected piston/liner/conrod combinations, tear-drop workings on the ports. New graphics on the coolinghead. New split head and new combustion chamber. New carb with other needles. This Powerpack, which is engine combined with pipe-set and handy engine box, to protect and transport your valuable engines. Made in Italy.

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