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> Ballbearing-6x13 Ceramic (2)

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Part Nr.: #103317
Category: Race Equipment > Ball-bearings

High quality hybrid ceramic ballbearings with superb ceramic balls combined with high grade stainless steel, polished run-ways, protective non-touching nylon seals and high grade lubrication.

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Design combines ceramic rolling elements with superfinished steel rings to run faster, cooler and longer.
Advanced design and materials help improve rigidity while reducing noise, vibration and operating temperature.

The lightweight ceramic balls have a superfine surface finish and high hardness that can help to extend service life up to 5 times that of standard steel bearings. Low friction characteristics enhance operation under minimal lubrication conditions and increase both life and speed capabilities of lubricants.
The ceramicís greater modulus of elasticity significantly increases rigidity over steel bearings. Greater bearing rigidity improves spindle stiffness and accuracy for precise machining. Low thermal expansion helps maintain consistent bearing preload and stiffness at high speeds.