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> Ins-box XS d=15 clear, with filter

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Part Nr.: #103008
Category: Race Equipment > Airfilters foam

Small type INS-Box. INS- Induction noise silencer. Clear version. Complete with high quality foam airfilter. dia: 50mm height: 41mm weight: 19 grammes with filter (Approx 30% lighter than other designs) Reduces noise level without loosing horsepower! Fits all engines. Reduces drag in 1/8 scale open cockpit cars, due to smaller size. Fits below most commonly used touringcar bodies in 1/10. Mandatory for all 1/8 and 1/10 scale racing in Europe. IFMAR and EFRA approved. Fits engines with 15mm carb-intake. Available: mid july 2009 ( also trackside at EC 1/10 and WC 1/8).

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