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> Tyre 1/10 28mm White US (Pink)

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Tyre 1/10 28mm White

Part Nr.: #101300
Category: Tyres > Electric onroad 1/10

A pair of pre glued 1/10 scale 28mm wide tyres on white wheels. Pink US foam.


Xceed RC Products have announced the release of an extensive range of high quality RC car tyres for a variety of different applications. Sold in distinctive black and green boxes, Xceed foam tyres are made from the highest quality materials that give consistent performance, lots of grip and are available in 2 different varieties - Japanese and American. All foam tyres come pre glued and trued on either 1/8th scale, 1/10th scale or 1/12th scale rims. Also available in the range of Xceed tires are electric touring car rubber tires that are also sold pre glued with inserts and on white disc wheels.