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New Xceed ZX-21 DS6 engines for 2013 !!


The Xceed ZX-21 DS6 EM on-road racing engine comes with a new long stroke design to improve even more low and mid range acceleration. 
The components have been 'hand modified' by Edoardo  using his extensive experience . Reliability and performance has been improved while maintaining good fuel efficiency.

Balanced 14mm 'turbo' silicone-filled crankshaft for improved fuel flow and reduced weight,  Super aligned 'knife edged' aerodynamic connecting rod,  Hand finished hard chromed brass liner with tear-drop work on the ports, Hand modified rear back plate for improved fuel flow.

Lightened CNC machined piston made from high percentage silicone alloy billet, large size finned turbo combustion chamber insert for better heat dissipation, bigger ultra light weight cooling head with Xceed graphics, Swiss quality 14mm main ceramic bearing  and a composite slide carburetor with 8.0mm and 9.0mm green anodised alu venturi inserts.

201529  ZX21 DS6 Race
201530  ZX21 DS6 Race Powerbag (EFRA 2069)
201531  ZX21 DS6 Race EM ceramic
201532  ZX21 DS6 Race EM ceramic powerbag (EFRA 2069)

Available in march 2013.