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Xceed offroad set-up tools


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Setup block / ride height tools off-road (3)

103064   Setup block off-road (2)
103065   Ride height tool off-road
103066   Setup block / ride height tools off-road (3)

Set-up tools for offroad cars, buggy and truggy.

Strong and durable  aluminium set-up blocks for  offroad use in set of 2. These stand will keep your buggy or truggy well placed while doing set-up work on your car. These are 40mm high and 80mm long, in Xceed X-shape.  Green anodized  with Xceed engraved logo’s.

Lightweight aluminium ride height tool for offroad use. Laser engraved  with height from 0 to -20 in 1mm steps each.  Xceed logo engraved on the side.

Set-up block (2) and  ride-height gauge available separate and as set.

Complete offroad -set up system almost ready too.  Info to follow.